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I really like the outfit Adriana is wearing here. It's slutty but very sexy. She didn't seem to have any trouble seducing her friend's brother either. A little talk and some touching and they were going at it!


Once the guy is seduced she pulls out his wiener and to her pleasant surprise it was a big one! She gives head and does a very good job. He gets so fucking horny and rips off her clothes and licks her sexy butthole. There is no turning back now and she stepped up on his dick and rode it like a mofo on the couch before he finished her off with a pounding session out of this world.




































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Pretty crazy stuff going on in this dorm room.. I might have to apply for college after watching this!


It was genious of these guys to install a stripping pole in the middle of the room before the party night. It made the girls REALLY loosen up. They strip down and grind the boys then some of them start handing out blowjobs. Before you know it the whole dorm room is engaged in groupsex!


When all the fucking is over Adriana is hungry for more action so she hooks up with Veronica Radke for some lesbian loving on the floor. They lick each others pussies while some people are having sex in the background.




























































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